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Team Maxx Media have been delighted to have been able to support the largest arts festival in England and one of the largest fringe festivals in the world; Brighton’s iconic Fringe Festival.

The event sets out to stimulate, educate and entertain a wide audience by providing a showcase for diverse art forms.

Throughout May, we ran a series of 10 adverts showcasing the festival’s key sponsors – and feedback has been fantastic!  The sponsors, who include Thameslink, Sussex County Cricket club Ground, Citroen and new distribution company Doddle, have revelled in seeing their company highlighted on our large state-of-the-art SmartScreen.

“Maxx Media were instrumental in creating additional marketing opportunities for the Brighton Fringe Festival and our corporate sponsors, bringing the festival to life on the animated big screen” says Kimberly Butler – Marketing Director, Brighton Fringe Festival.

“They contributed towards making the Brighton Fringe Festival the most successful festival ever with a 30% increase in sales and attendance and a 200% increase in our loyalty programme! The team are the ultimate professionals and work with you on creating the right message to make sure it is the most impactful for the big screen”.

Team Maxx are pleased we have been able to add noticeable value to the Fringe Festival and we’re excited about supporting the event again next year.  Anything that can raise the profile of the vibrant city, as a centre for arts, culture and entertainment is loved by us!

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